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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

The curriculum is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage (intent); for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative (implementation) and for evaluating what knowledge and understanding pupils have gained against expectations (impact).


At Woodsetton we AIM to give all of our children a broad and balanced education through coverage, experience and progression with an Ambitious, Inclusive & Meaningful curriculum (A.I.M High). We provide opportunities for all of our children to develop as independent, happy and confident learners in order to achieve their full potential and prepare them for the next stage in their lives. The curriculum provides the children with the skills and knowledge to apply within school, at home and the wider community. We celebrate each child’s journey through small steps to a high expectation of challenge and engagement in new experiences, with support from specialised professionals.

At Woodsetton we aim for our curriculum to:

    • Provide children with stimulating and engaging learning experiences and opportunities.
    • Ensure that all children develop an understanding of themselves and an awareness of their place within the community.
    • Ensure that all children develop secure learning to learn behaviours focused around exploration, resilience and perseverance, working with others and problem solving.
    • Enable children to see, use and apply these learning behaviours throughout their entire life.
    • Ensure that all children develop appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding in line with their stage of development.
    • Ensure that all children experience a breadth of opportunities and activities that expand horizons within and beyond the traditional learning environment of the classroom.
    • Support all children to make constructive choices throughout their lives in order to be responsible, well rounded citizens.


        Our curriculum draws on best practice and delivery with a structured curriculum. At Woodsetton our curriculum continues to change and evolve to meet the individual needs of our children each year. This is reflected in our approach to planning, teaching, learning and assessment.

        In order to provide pupils across Woodsetton with experiences that are relevant, interesting and challenging, and to identify opportunities for progression, we have a curriculum structure which encompasses 4 pathways:

        Each pathway has been developed to meet the learning needs of the pupils and to support where they are in their learning journey.

        The levels are not defined by age, but by need and achievement; pupils are therefore able to move flexibly from one pathway to the next at any point during their time at Woodsetton or between classes within the pathway. Each pathway covers skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of areas of learning. These follow a sequence of learning and therefore are transferable between the four pathways.

        Pathway 1 (Caterpillars & Badgers) - Pupils in Pathway 1 will be working within the areas of the EYFS and the Engagement Model. They will be focusing on establishing routines, supporting communication and interaction and developing a confidence to learn through exploration, realisation, anticipation, resilience and initiation.

        Pathway 2 (Hedgehogs, Woodpeckers, Ladybirds & Bees) - Pupils in Pathway 2 are continuing to develop their listening, attention and communication skills to support their learning. Building a confidence to learn new skills and knowledge in different areas of the curriculum. Some children will continue to work in some areas of the Engagement Model.

        Pathway 3 (Frogs & Owls) – Pupils in Pathway 3 will be applying their knowledge and skills within the wider world around them. The curriculum is based on working below KS1 age related expectations.

        Pathway 4 (Squirrels & Butterflies) - Pupils in Pathway 4 are pupils in KS2 working towards and within KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum age related expectations. These children are developing skills to become independent learners to transfer skills across different areas of the curriculum.

        Because of the personalised approached to the curriculum we are able to meet the needs of all our learners. All children across the school focus on targets based on the outcomes in their Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) within their individual learning plans. Some pupils also receive additional funding e.g. Pupil Premium and the impact of any interventions funded through these is monitored to ensure that they support progress.


        Through the curriculum at Woodsetton we intend that the impact for all of our children will be that they make good progress against their EHCP targets and that they are academically and socially prepared for life in their next school stage, in Modern Britain and the wider world.

        We want our children to become rounded citizens with a clear understanding of complex values like equality, friendship, trust and our other core values; and from this they will be able to prepares themselves for living in the community. We measure the impact of this and celebrate their achievements not just in the work our children produce, but in all other aspects of their leaning and development.
        Our children are supported by all staff on how to approach challenges every day. This could be on the playground, in a game or disagreement, or in class in a complex learning challenge. The impact should be that children don’t give up, are highly empowered to succeed, achieve their very best and are independent, confident learners.

        Our children will be motivated by a strong personal sense of morality. They will make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their community. They will be able to decide what is right and what is wrong, and will be resilient to the influence of others.

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