We are currently updating our curriculum offer. We will be adding documents throughout the Spring term. Alternatively you can contact school and ask to speak to the Headteacher if you would like any other information.

Our School Curriculum

Our conceptualised curriculum draws on best practice and delivery from a number of different models and approaches. At Woodsetton we recognise that as our school population changes, so must the way in which we approach planning, teaching, learning and assessment. Our curriculum map continues to change and evolve to meet the individual needs of our pupils each year.

A whole school topic approach forms the basis of what we offer. A six yearly cycle provides pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum that connects subject knowledge, experience and enrichment with skill development and preparation for adult life.

Five key themes run through the topic map; people, places and communities, time for reflection, our wonderful world, time detectives and let's investigate, let's explore. These themes help to structure what we offer, ensuring content, context and coverage is appropriate. They also help pupils to apply their key knowledge and skills overtime, giving opportunities to revisit, recall and apply within each cycle.

Topics generally last for half a term with the exception of those in spring. The cycle always begins with a 'This is Me!' induction mini-topic and ends with 'Memory Box - My Woodsetton Story' during the last few weeks of the school year.

It is important to note that whilst we follow a whole school topic approach, delivery and content is tailored according to individual stage of development, communication and understanding. In support of this there are three pathways within each topic; EYFS, semi-formal (P4-8, pre-key stage standards), formal (KS1 national curriculum expectations).

Whole School Topic Overview Cycle A

2018 - 19

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