Our vision

At Woodsetton our vision is to be a school that works proactively with families and other agencies, to value each individual child, their voice and their aspirations; ensuring we provide the personalised stepping stones they need to succeed and celebrate each achievement along the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is structured around our 5 key rights for each child which relate to communication, learning, behaviour, friendship and community.

We aim to:

- provide a total communication environment that encourages independence and values the choices and opinions of each individual.

- offer personalised provision that uses the child's EHCP to tailor our approach, removing barriers and offering challenge and next steps.

- work within an environment that is safe, provides boundaries and routine and which promotes well-being and positive mental health.

- encourage interaction and integration, developing a sense of individuality and an understanding of others.

- utilise the environment and community around us, offering opportunities for application and real life learning whilst teaching responsibility and accountability.

Our Core Values, Behaviours and Attributes

At Woodsetton we use the three Es when deciding what our core values should be.

Ensure (These are non-negotiable for all)

Honesty, Equality, Responsibility

Enable (These are the values and behaviours we ask our staff to model)

Patience, Courage, Determination

Encourage (These are the attributes we support our children to develop)

Happiness, Independence, Confidence

Our School Rights

We work hard to ensure that all our children can learn in a positive environment. In line with the UN Convention of the Rights of a Child we have developed a set of rights that apply to both pupils and the adults working in our school.

At Woodsetton we all have the right to...

Our Communication

Communicate in our own way; taking time to listen and time to be heard.

Our Learning

Be the best we can be; achieving our full potential and allowing others to do the same.

Our Behaviour

Feel safe and protected; taking responsibility for our actions and showing awareness for others.

Our Friendship

Be different but still treated the same; showing respecting and understanding to others.

Our Community

Explore the environment around us; looking after our school and taking pride in the community.