Welcome to Butterfly Class

Butterfly class is made up of 17 children from our school Upper Phase (UKS2 – Year 6). They are supported by four members of staff, a lead teacher and three teaching assistants. All our children have an EHCP and their individual needs are addressed through the organisation of the class and curriculum delivery. A significant number of the children in the class have an ASD or ADHD diagnosis.

All of our children are working towards pre-key stage standards. Targets are set in Communication, English and Maths and are broken down into smaller steps to ensure success and progress for the individual child.

We utilise a variety of different teaching and learning approaches to deliver the curriculum. Formal learning and practical or discovery learning are planned for in equal measures. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also outdoors through the Forest School approach and out in the community when children are given the opportunity to master and apply the skills learnt within school. Children are also encouraged to work independently and collaboratively with their peers in small groups or pairs.

We follow a topic approach which encompasses all areas of the national curriculum including English where appropriate. The aim of the topic is to make learning relevant to the individual child, to develop a love of learning and to teach skills that will support them in their future lives. Maths and Science are taught discreetly, although when they fit into the topic they are incorporated.

It is important to us that a happy and safe environment is created for the children to work in, one that will support children to take risks in their learning and not be afraid of getting something wrong. One that will encourage team work and a sense of family. Where successes are celebrated and children offer support to their peers if needed. During the year we work closely with the feeder Secondary School to enable a successful and smooth transition. It is our aim to develop confident, independent young people who are prepared for life after Woodsetton.


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