Frog Class forms part of the schools middle phase (Upper KS1/Lower KS2) and is a mixed year group class of 16 children. We focus closely on the individual needs of each child, this reflects both what they need to learn next but also and equally importantly how they learn best. There are opportunities for indoor and outdoor learning and the children are able to explore their ideas using a wide range of practical equipment. Our classroom is organised to allow freedom of movement for the children, resources are clearly labelled to allow the children to access them independently.

There are four members of staff in the class and we each work with all of the children throughout the school day. We aim to develop the children into confident and independent learners who have a ‘can do’ attitude and look to find different ways to solve new challenges. We also aim to develop their respect and tolerance for the differences between themselves, member of their school community and those around where they live.


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Autumn 1 2018


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Autumn 2 2018


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Spring 2019