Hedgehog Class has 12 pupils and is part of our school middle phase (Upper KS1/Lower KS2). We have a high staff to pupil ratio which includes one teacher and five teaching assistants. This helps to meet to meet the complex range of needs within class.

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. We work towards developing both social and behavioural skills and promote independence through the delivery of activities, experiences and routines. A visual timetable structures our day and pupils use this to recognise and understand transitions.

We use an individualised approach underpinned by a pupils Education Health Care Plan. Daily opportunities for 1:1 support are planned to enable each child to access their learning. Along with subject specific targets in Communication, English and Maths, we also focus on how we learn and the most appropriate ways to do this. Links are made to learning styles and ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’.

We provide opportunities for pupils to lead their own learning through child initiated activities. With many opportunities to learn both indoors and outdoors, we encourage our pupils to explore and investigate the environment around them. Our Forest School enables us to do lots of cross curricular activities and to apply our learning.

Our curriculum encompasses a skills based approach in line with the pupils needs linked to their cognitive and developmental stages. We follow a half termly topic focus that adopts the thematic approach across all subject areas.

Sensory activities form a big part of our learning experiences in order to enhance our social interaction and ability to make choices. These aspects currently include; Dough Disco, Fun with Food Programme and TACPAC. To enhance our gross motor skills we follow the Get Moving programme daily in small focused groups led by an adult.

Our classroom is spacious and includes areas for; focused learning, exploration, sensory development, group and whole class activities and calming down or quiet time when needed. Resources are clearly labelled in order to encourage pupils to be independent. We have various technology and devices to aid in teaching and learning which we encourage pupils to use themselves or with support.

Rewards are used frequently to promote and enhance self-esteem. Displays are used to celebrate pupils’ work and achievements alongside reflection of our learning experiences and encounters.

We strive to inspire each and every pupil to achieve their full potential and most importantly to be happy and content in their learning environment.


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