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Hedgehog 1

Preparing to take our next steps into Key Stage 2

Hedgehog 1

This year we have split Hedgehogs into 2 smaller sized classes - Hedgehogs 1 and Hedgehogs 2.

Hedgehog 1 class is made up of a group of eight children who are supported by Mr Robinson, Miss Hedgecock, Miss Harwood and Mrs Jukes.

Both classes work as a team, enabling all pupils to be supported in the best way possible to meet their individual needs and outcomes.

Hedgehog 1 class

In Hedgehog 1 class, we ensure that we continue to build upon and extend the experiences that children have had in Badger Class. We strive to move towards more structured topic based learning, related to the National Curriculum. This is balanced with opportunities to learn through exploration and play. All children have targets in English and Maths and are supported to overcome their barriers to learning. Each half term the children will encounter a different topic which allows for exciting and engaging learning experiences for all. Every day we will work on our English and Maths skills and we will have a Phonics lesson every afternoon.

We ensure that communication takes the lead in all we do. We want to ensure that we develop children’s confidence and independence to communicate, allowing them to access all activities and routines. Hedgehog 1 class aims to facilitate all communication needs and promote an inclusive classroom environment. Within the classroom, children will experience working in small groups and on a 1:1 basis. The classroom organisation and overall layout encompasses a range of diverse considerations to meet the needs of all children. Wherever possible, our aim is to make all resources and equipment accessible for the children; allowing for independence. We want our children to feel safe, confident and comfortable and we will continually encourage them to become more independent learners. We take the steps to become more independent in readiness for Key Stage 2.

In both Hedgehog 1 and 2 classes, we recognise that all our children will regularly display new skills and achieve new things. We make sure that we celebrate every achievement no matter how big or small. All our learners are valued and we aim for every child to do their very best to achieve their full potential. The Hedgehog 1 team is proud of all of the pupils in Hedgehog 1 class and we will always aim to inspire every child to do their best.

Happy Hedgehogs, work as a team to follow our dream!

Class updates

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Both Hedgehogs 1 and 2 are continuing to improve their balance and co-ordination skills through Balanceability every Tuesday during PE this term. Please make sure you have your PE kits in school on these days.

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Hedgehogs 1 go down to the forest every Wednesdays, whilst Hedghogs 2 visit the forest on Thursdays. Please make sure you have warm clothes, wellies and waterproofs with you.

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