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Woodpecker Class

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Woodpecker Class

Woodpecker class is a small mixed Key Stage 2 class made up of 7 pupils who are supported by Miss Barrows, Miss Coates, Mrs Clifton, Miss Harding and Mrs Harding.

In Woodpecker class we aim for our pupils to explore a variety of activities and experiences in which they can develop their confidence and independence. We have created a language rich environment that promotes communication throughout the day. Alongside giving them the opportunity to make their own choices. A visual timetable is used throughout the day supporting pupils with their routine, transitions and the structure of the day.

All opportunities that we provide are supported by the Woodpecker team. These activities are planned and delivered so each pupil can access an individual curriculum. This helps pupils to focus on the activities which helps them to engage and learn in a fun but structured environment. There are also opportunities for the children to take part in child-initiated activities which enables pupils to lead their own learning. Pupils are able to experience activities for their learning both indoors and outdoors. Pupils get the opportunity to experience sensory activities which encourages communication, mindfulness and problem solving.

Our classroom is spacious, allowing 1:1 support and child-initiative learning at the same time. The layout of the room has been taken into consideration very carefully so that all pupils’ needs are met. The areas within the class allow children the opportunity for focused learning, whole class activities, creative and sensory activities and reflection time when needed. We have made sure that the resources are made accessible and are clearly labelled for pupils, which encourages their independence.

In Woodpecker class we always recognise all the pupils’ achievements and make sure that these are being celebrated. We achieve this by using reward systems, which include instant rewards and displaying work or wow moments within the class. This helps children to build on their self-esteem.

We want the pupils to feel valued allowing them to achieve their full potential from the learning opportunities that are given, in a nurturing, safe and caring environment.

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