Children in Caterpillar Class follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), learning and developing through play. The class routines consist of adult-led and child initiated activities in both the classroom and outdoor environment. We use a Total communication approach by using visual cue cards and time tables. We also use Makaton and PECS communication boards with some individual children.

Our topics and themes are based around the seven EYFS areas of learning and development which include three prime areas; communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development and four specific areas; literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design. Alongside the classroom and outdoor activities we also support the children to individually develop their personal and independence skills with feeding, dressing, toileting and socialising with others, as well as preparing them for everyday school life.

At present we have 14 children aged 4 and 5 who have a range of learning needs. We have 1 teacher (Miss Lowe) and 5 Teaching Assistants (Miss Lunn, Miss Tolley, Miss Coates, Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Baker) in class to support the children during daily activities.

Tuff Tray activities

All children have access to activities in class. These Tuff Trays are an opportunity for them to independently complete activities after working with an adult during our adult led sessions.

Mark making area

We provide an area for the children where they can develop their fine motor skills. They will experience a range of mark making tools throughout the week. In Caterpillar Class, we will learn to write our names.

Outside learning

We love learning outdoors! We are very lucky to have an area where we can take our activities outside. Caterpillar class have the opportunity to use the sandpit, explore inside the wooden house or even grow some plants in our sensory garden.

Sensory Area

We understand that some of our children may need time to themselves or to calm down. Within this area, they have the opportunity to explore the different textures and colours.



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