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An overview

Woodsetton supports pupils with moderate and complex learning difficulties from Reception (4 - 5 year olds) to Year 6 (11 year olds). Pupils join us at different stages of their primary schooling and quickly settle into Woodsetton life.

Each class is named after a woodland creature and pupils are grouped according to need and stage of development. Individual EHC plans are used to inform provision and outcomes.

Most pupils are taught in single year group classes, however this academic year, (following two additional temporary classrooms having been built over the summer break), we have been able to split our Year 2 cohort into two smaller classes due to the large number of pupils within this group and their vast range of differing needs. Therefore, we currently have 10 class groups at Woodsetton.

Pupils in our Lower Phase (Caterpillars, Badgers and Hedgehogs 1and 2) follow an EYFS approach initially. They engage in a range of adult directed activities and have access to continuous provision style learning. There is a big focus on developing independence and embedding characteristics of effective learning. As our children move through this phase and their levels of independence grow, a more structured approach is introduced when appropriate.

Our Upper Phase (Frogs, Owls, Squirrels, Butterflies and Woodpeckers 1and 2) offer pupils a selection of personalised pathways. Most classes are organised by age but our Woodpecker classes are small mixed age groups. Each class is structured according to the needs of each group. This can range from sensory learners, those that require higher levels of structure, nurture groups or groups that can access a faster pace of learning.

Pupils in Butterflies also prepare for transition to secondary school and focus on independence and developing the skills needed to do this successfully . The curriculum is designed to encourage pupils to self-manage, problem solve, work with others and apply skills in real world situations.

On each class page you can find lots of information about your child's class - what they are learning about, what they will be doing on each day, special visits etc. If you think there is anything missing that you would like to know more about, please let us know so that we can rectify it.

Hear what our children say...

“My favourite book is The BFG. The author is Roald Dahl. In the book I like Sophie because she has orange hair and orange is one of my favourite colours.”

A pupil in Butterflies

“At school I like enrichment on Fridays. So far this year I have done dancing, painting and books and films.”

A pupil in Squirrels

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