We currently have 7 class groups at Woodsetton. These form part of our Lower, Middle and Upper school phases. Each class is named after a woodland creature and pupils are grouped according to need and stage of development. Individual EHC plans are used to inform provision and outcomes.

Pupils in our Lower Phase (Caterpillar and Badger class) follow an EYFS approach. They engage in a range of adult directed activities and have access to continuous provision style learning. There is a big focus on developing independence and embedding characteristics of effective learning.

Our Middle Phase (Hedgehog, Frog and Owl class) offers pupils a selection of personalised pathways. Classes are mixed age and structured according to the needs of each group. This can range from sensory learners, those that require higher levels of structure, nurture groups or groups that can access a faster pace of learning.

Pupils in years 5 and 6 form our Upper Phase (Squirrel and Butterfly class). Preparation for transition to secondary school and developing the skills needed to do this successfully play a key role. The curriculum is designed to encourage pupils to self-manage, problem solve and work with others. Opportunities for real world application of skills are planned throughout.

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