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Home Learning

Working together to support our children

Whilst the country begins to return to the new "norm" we are aware that from time to time pupils may need to self isolate in order to keep both themselves and others safe. In readiness for when and if we need to do this, we have put together a range of fun and exciting things to do with your child whilst they are at home.

Many of our children like a clear routine and structure to the day. Below is an example of a timetable that you may like to try out with your child.

Remember, learning should be fun and exciting. Also, practical activities and exercise is really important. Whenever possible, make sure you make the most of outside learning whilst also staying safe in the garden. Maybe you could all go on a bug hunt or plant and create your very own herb or butterfly garden - it would be great to hear about the amazing different things you are doing with your child. Please keep a diary of these special things so that they can be shared with others on returning to school.

In addition to this, individualised tasks will also be uploaded onto Education City and Purple Mash by their class teacher for every child. Make sure you regularly log in and check for new activities that have been set for your child. Activity work packs will also be hand delivered and/or emailed out to you to enable your child's learning to continue whilst they are not attending school.

Please feel free to partake in any of the other ideas found on this webpage - there are many ideas for you to consider with your child.

You may also like to try the home learning task challenge where there are a range of fun activities to complete with your child whilst they are not in school. This can be found attached below. Further challenges can be found on each class page.

Web links to exciting programmes, activities, clips etc can also be found below. These have been split up into the different areas to make it easier if you are looking for something in particular.

Please, please remember to stay safe whilst working online - you can find a range of activities below linked to e-safety.

We will continue to update this page on a regular basis so that you can try a range of different activities and not get bored. If you find something that you think others would like to have a go at or would like to send in pictures of things that you are doing at home, we would love you to forward them to us so that we can upload them onto this page for everyone to see. Please send them to

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