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We have developed our extra-curricular activities for the children to support their personal development, mental health, and well-being.

We are currently delivering additional clubs at lunchtimes and after school. These are managed by the teaching staff, teaching assistants and by coaches from the Wolves Foundation on 2 days each week. Our clubs are offered to all of the children and they attend on a rota basis if they choose to join in, so everyone gets the same opportunities.

Here is a list of our current clubs on offer:

Lunchtime Clubs:

  • Multisport (Wolves foundation)
  • Sensory (Mrs C Dimmock)
  • Science (Mrs E Lampitt)
  • Dance (Miss G Davies)
  • Art (Miss A Smith)
  • Computer (Mr J Robinson)
  • Reading / Story (Mrs J Roderick)
  • Music/choir (Mr T Robinson)

After School Clubs:

  • Multiskills (Monday)
  • Art and Craft (Tuesday)
  • Sensory (Thursday)