Butterfly Class Activities Week Diary

Monday 17th June

Butterfly Class had an amazing first day of their activity week. Crazy golf was great fun....we have a few professionals that we didn't know about! We also enjoyed a chip shop dinner followed by games on the field and a visit from the ice cream van. Well done to all of the pupils for such outstanding behaviour! We all look forward to another busy day tomorrow!

Tuesday 18th June

What a busy day it has been in Butterfly Class! LEAP was great fun...lots of confident jumps, twists and twirls on the trampolines. We all enjoyed using the interactive games wall, then had a rest in the sensory room! We filled our tummies at McDonalds then spent a few hours in the sunshine at the park. Behaviour has been amazing, every single pupil has been a credit to Woodsetton School! (It was lovely to have a visit from Mrs Guest too)! Activity day 3 tomorrow - Birmingham Sea Life Centre 🐟

Wednesday 19th June

Birmingham Sea Life Centre was great fun today! Butterfly Class saw lots of fish, sharks, seahorses and sting rays. We all touched a star fish....we had to be very careful not to hurt him! We watched a 3D film and even got 30 minutes on the park, as a reward for good behaviour! We hope it stays dry for Safari Park tomorrow...don't forget your coat and comfortable footwear everyone please!

Thursday 19th June

Today we visited West Midlands Safari Park. The weather was kind and we only had a few spots of rain. We saw some very interesting animals, zebras, lions, tigers, some people fed the giraffe from the minibus window...their tongue was black and very, very long! We watched a reptile show, went into a bat cave and watched some very clever Sea Lions do some tricks. It's our last day tomorrow and it's a bit of a chill day...cinema and Pizza Hut!