DAPA - Dudley Attainment and Progress Assessment

Over the last few years, a group of Dudley Special Schools, in conjunction with the Local Authority, have developed a set of very specific statements in core subjects that correlate with the P Scale statements. These can then be used by teachers to assess and to monitor pupil progress.

With the development of a new National Curriculum and the removal of ‘levels’, the team extended DAPA beyond P8. This was to cover the expectation of progress up to the end of Year 3 at National expectations.

Following recommendations from the Rochford Review and feedback from schools using DAPA, revisions have been made to ensure that the assessment statements are appropriate and properly levelled.

The levels are developmental and have been re-named S Levels to reflect this bespoke assessment system for SEND pupils.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of Dudley mainstream schools, and special schools nationally, are using DAPA and the completed DAPA version 2 together with recording sheets can be found below.


January 2018



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