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The school covers all subjects of the National Curriculum however the significant difference at Woodsetton is the time factor in which it is covered. In English and Maths, the curriculum is broken down into small, achievable targets that are then tailored for each individual child. These are taught with greatest care and precision, and the children are not moved on until we are sure they have mastered all the steps. At the same time, we try to help the children to increase the speed at which they learn, encouraging them to develop learning strategies of their own and supporting them in becoming independent learners.

As part of our curriculum, we also try to develop important life skills. These include social skills, using local shops and facilities (e.g. the library), using money, using the local swimming pool and helping those around us including charity fund-raising.

In relation to assessing pupils' learning, Woodsetton has worked alongside a number of cluster schools to create a robust and meaningful way of assessing our pupils. DAPA (Dudley Agreed P-Scale Assessments) has been created and shared with all Dudley schools to give consistency throughout the borough..

DAPA is now well embedded in our school (in English and Maths) and is continuing to be further refined and extended beyond P14.

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